Celia Weiss Bambara, Ph.D.

Dance Program Director and Assistant Professor
456 Sherrill Center

Celia Weiss Bambara is a dancer, choreographer and dance scholar with a Ph. D from UC Riverside's program in Critical Dance Studies. She is the director of the bi-national  post modern dance company, the CCBdance Project formed in 2006. Her dance works have been shown nationally and internationally in Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. Her work pushes the boundaries of practice as research and is hybrid in nature. Celia views dance work and choreography as productive of theory and works through a question based approach to dance and dance making. She is currently working on two evening length dance projects. Her solo "Who Fears Not Death: For Her Son's Father" portrays female mourning in Africa and queries the nature of death and inequality on the continent in a post-apocalyptic landscape.  Her collaborative evening lenght duo project, " Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres..." engages questions about societal numbness and daily violences. She is director of UNC Asheville's dance program and teaches courses in contemporary technique, yoga, haitian dance, somatics, choreography as well as other hybrid dance offerings. Her choreography courses such as "choreographing gender and identity" create a safe space for students to investigate bodily/embodied modes of making dance and doing in tandem with theoretical inquiry.