Dee James

Professor & First-Year Writing Program, Literature and Language
209 Karpen Hall, CPO 2130

“Anything you have the imagination to dream up and the energy to carry out, someone at UNC Asheville will let you do.” That truth has made my life at UNC Asheville, even during my undergraduate days here, rich, challenging and sometimes frustrating, but always fascinating and full.

My interest in stories—yours, mine, ours—is at the heart of my teaching. I believe that searching for and giving expression to our stories will help us discover and better understand ourselves and others. As a teacher of writing, I try to help my students give voice to the stories they are a part of as well as the stories they find around them. I believe that searching out those stories and using them to communicate ideas is an effective means for developing analytical skills as much as creative skills. My training and interest in ethnography has underscored the importance of the relationship between academic inquiry and story. In the effort to search out stories and to craft them, my students also refine their skills of observation and communication. My work as a teacher of writing and literature is further shaped by my commitment to the liberal arts, seeking out connections in unexpected places, alert to complexity and contradiction. Likewise my scholarship and service to the department and the university are driven by my goals as a teacher and informed by my understanding of a liberal arts education.

A significant part of my understanding of liberal arts drives my participation in developing and helping sustain an inclusive community. My intellectual interests are mirrored in the work I do here. Besides teaching in the Department of Literature and Language, I am the director of the first-year Writing Program and an instructor in the Africana Studies Program, directed by Dr. Agya Boakye-Boaten.

Want to join us in Ghana this summer? Contact me at if you are interested.


  • B.A., UNC Asheville
  • M.A., Clemson University
  • Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Recent Teaching

  • Language 120: Foundations of Academic Writing
  • A variety of composition courses
  • Humanities 324
  • Arts and Ideas
  • African American Literature courses: drama, poetry, fiction, surveys
  • African American Poetry
  • Major Authors Seminar: Toni Morrison
  • Introduction to the Literature and Art of West Africa(Diversity Intensive)
  • Senior Seminar in Literature (the undergraduate thesis course)
  • MLA Scholarly Inquiry Seminar


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