Majors & Minors

Kit Yan--queer, transgender, Asian-American slam poet (third from left)--meets with WGSS students
after teaching a poetry writing workshop.

Required Coursework

A major in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies requires 36 hours of coursework including 3 required WGSS courses (intro, theory and senior seminar) and 27 additional hours which may include WGSS 451 (internship), WGSS 499 (undergraduate research), and/or related courses from the Social/Natural Sciences and Humanities.

For students with a major in another discipline, a minor in WGSS can also be completed by taking a total of 18 hours of WGSS and related courses. These include WGSS 100 and 400, either WGSS 365 or 451, and 3 courses/9 hours from related courses.

Declaration of Major or Minor in WGGS

Declaring a major or minor in WGGS requires the student to complete a Declaration of Major or Minor form that must be signed by the Program Director. Before declaring a major, students must satisfy the LANG 120 requirement and have completed WGSS 100 with a grade of C or better.

Course Descriptions & Major/Minor Requirements

Review the course descriptions and WGGS major/minor requirements in the UNC Asheville Course Catalog.