Mission & Student Learning Outcomes

For her internship, a WGSS student, Rachel Collman, worked with middle-school students, focusing on media literacy and how to succeed through education and ability, not through body image.

Mission Statement

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at UNC Asheville seeks to understand the diversity of experiences related to gender and sexuality through an interdisciplinary program of teaching, service and research. WGSS courses and electives explore the experiences of women and investigate the complex phenomenon of gender and sexuality. Courses promote student investigation of women's diverse experiences from the perspective of the various social sciences, sciences and humanities. Emerging from an activist tradition, WGSS seeks to provide resources to the university and the broader community by providing an on-going array of co-curricular activities for students and community members. We act as a resource and guide on issues relating to women, gender and sexuality through community activism and service. By encouraging faculty and student research in the field, we seek to re-examine existing knowledge and create new knowledge by using interdisciplinary techniques and by being wholly cognizant of the interaction of gender and diversity.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students recognize individual and institutional power dynamics, how they create privilege and oppression and how these affect individual lives.
  2. Students apply core concepts of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, understanding how they are manifested in different historical and cultural contexts.
  3. Students develop interdisciplinary skills in research and critical analysis, expressing these in written, verbal, visual and creative forms.
  4. Students prepare for and experience engagement in social and political action.